Love maze – showing that you really care

 Design and programming: Erez kikin-Gil – (Tiltool)

Love maze is a wireless marble maze keyboard that controls an instant messenger.
The device is composed out of a wooden maze and a metal marble, and a hacked wireless keyboard. Using the marble users can initiate, compose and send instant love messages to their lovers.
Love Maze explores digital communication and aims to add complexity to the communication in close relationship, where the effort is appreciated.

The device is inspired by Gyaru-moji (ギャル文字 – girl alphabet), an SMS language that is used by Japanese teen girls and often requires more characters, and consequently more effort then normal SMS.
The use of this ciphered language is a sign for close relationships. Leet (also written as 31337, 1337, and l33t) has some similar complexity associated to it, especially in learning how to read and write messages.

Love maze is built with the following components:
1. Hacked wireless keyboard (see image).
2. Tin foil connectors
3. Metal marble
4. AutoHotkey –An awesome macro application Each time the users are able to place the marble on the maze holes, the metal marble close a circuit in the wireless keyboard, and send a key command to the computer.
The keys initiate the instant messenger application, define the message and send it to their lovers.