Love maze – showing that you really care

Love maze is a wireless marble maze keyboard that controls an instant messenger.The device is composed out of a wooden maze and a metal marble, and a hacked wireless keyboard. Using the marble users can initiate, compose and send instant love messages to their lovers.Love Maze explores digital communication and aims to add complexity to the communication in close relationship, where the effort is appreciated.



The Air-board allows users to reduce their dependency on fixed surfaces while they interact with computational devices.Using movable sensors users can define their desirable “interaction space” to draw, mark select or perform other actions.


On Love and War

This exploration compares recant blog posts that focuses on Love or War. It shows trends changes in the recant hour. Hovering over the rectangles will reveal the corresponding post content.


Wiimote keyboard

This design exploration looks at the core values of conventional keyboards (form, input mechanism, dependency on surface) as a starting point for a new experience. This design relies on the user’s hand gestures to control a screen based interface. The hand movements are captured via a Wii Bluetooth controller with a motion sensing ability (Wiimote). Users scroll along a circular alphabet by turning their hand to the left or to the right. They can select a character by moving their hand down and up.


i love you, I NEED YOU

This project allows users to communicate with their Messenger buddies in an expressive way. Users can select to send predefined messages to specific buddies simply by tapping on the table. Different sound pattern (sound intensity level, number of taps) determines who is the recipient and what will be the message.


The social garden

The social garden is a place where you can grow the flowers of friendship by wishing good fortunes to the people you love.Each greeting sent, plants a seed in the garden.The more greetings you send, the bigger your flowers will grow and your share of the garden will become more beautiful.Create your Social Garden. Sow the seeds for a better 2006 by greeting your friends.



PEOPLE+ installation exposes flows of communication, and stresses the fact that mobile communication expands the boundaries of a person and augments the distances one can reach.


Nokia – Flow

Flow is a system for managing the phone in a way that makes sense to users. It helps users to manage their business by transforming their phone’s content from discrete bits of data into meaningful information flows.


The Link

The Link is a service designed to allow long term sick children to cope with the change in their social networks.With long-term illness, a child life change in many ways. Often the child’s social circle is severely altered; parents become mediators to the rest of the world, caregivers move more closer, and peers may be pushed away.The goal of this service is to reduce isolation, assist communication and provide activities for the children and their social circle.


Do You Have an Opinion?

Individuals in design institutes encounter many challenges in their design process. This force them to use out of the box ideation skills and collaborate with peers in their research. This project aims to convay better interaction between design institutes which will allow better communication and idea sharing, with remote locations.



In 2001, CAL – one of the biggest Israeli credit cards companies (issuer of VISA, Diners and MasterCard) – was about to change its brand entirely.A new law allowing all credit card companies to issue all credit cards, has turned this market segment upside down, and caused many changes that these companies had to face.The brand change was part of a strategic plan that meant to keep the loyalty of CAL’s existing customers, while acquiring new potential clients.


Water Play

Water play is a water-based interface. It allows users to view content displayed on the water surface. The users can engage content through direct interaction with the water. This interface enables users to interact with content usingwater, just like a touch screen. Users can immerse their hands to the water, swirl, splash, or use other forms of interaction which are unique to the water.


012 is one of Israel’s largest ISPs. With two strong competitors, already embedded in the Internet arena, needed to establish its brand off line as well as online.Our challenge was to provide an online experience which will promote their services and brand.


Peek A Boo

What would be the role of in our family life? Could it be a positive one or will it alienate us in our most intimate environment?This project, done in collaboration with Oznur Ozkurt, addresses the thorny issue of the use of surveillance in the home environment, and tries to explore the implications of pervasive technology on parent-baby relationships.



Web design can be much more then pixel pushing. It can be a challenge to design, an exciting visualization that will reflect the company’s image in the online arena. It I has been a challenging experience to design online events, exhibitions and information centers that will place Intel in the forefront of Israel’s websites for more then five years.


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