Gesture based keyboard

a screen interface that is driven by a gesture based keyboard

Design and programming: Erez kikin-Gil - (Tiltool)

This design exploration looks at the core values of conventional keyboards (form, input mechanism, dependency on surface) as a starting point for a new experience. This design relies on the user’s hand gestures to control a screen based interface. The hand movements are captured via a Wii Bluetooth controller with a motion sensing ability (Wiimote). Users scroll along a circular alphabet by turning their hand to the left or to the right. They can select a character by moving their hand down and up. Although this interaction is slower then conventional keyboards it has it own unique values:

  •  It removes the user’s dependency on a surface. The motion sensing device can integrate in to the user’s garments/jewelry and be activated based on the users need.  
  • It removes the dependency on the large number of keys. This allows a design of a small controlling device compared to normal keyboards.  
  • The use of gross motor interactions can be useful for specific user segments/service types (i.e. disabled users, limiting environments, etc.).



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