From mass production to I-production

A recent article claimed that Ethan Nicholas, an iPhone games developer was about to earn 600,000. His application, the iShoot was successfully promoted by a lite version, on January 3rd, 2009. Less than ten days later, the full version of iShoot reached the number one spot on iTunes. Last century, in 1903, Henry Ford introduced the moving assembly line, which used conveyor belts to move partly assembled products between workers; each preformed a repetitive simple task. Perhaps it is too early to envision the end of the industrial revolution and mass production process, but I believe that Ethan Nicholas is a start of a shift in production methods. A shift from a capital-intensive production method (like mass production), to an individual endeavor method. With the last one, everyone is a one-man assembly line, producer, promoter and designer. His success and failure is dependent only on his individual efforts, and intellectual horsepower.

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