Together alone

When I used to Surf, I always went with few friends to the beach. It was usually early in the morning, when the best waves came, and we had them all to ourselves. It was kind of a ritual for us. We got of the car, left it still running, and went to peek from the highest of the boardwalk to the ocean to see where the best waves are. Then, it if was worth anything, we parked the car and ran down the sandy beach, placed our cloths near the lifeguard post, and stormed in to the cold water. And then we were alone. I was sitting in my living room with my son, watching TV. He was watching one of the children shows. I on the other hand was watching NBC TV show on my laptop. I hugged him and told him I loved him, and covered him in a warm blanket, as I was listening to the show with an earpiece with one ear. Surfing is a cool, fun and one of the most accelerating things I have ever done. From my experience, it beats sky diving and basketball, yoga and long distance running. But it is not a team sport. Like many things that we do, it is does not contain any highly coupled tasks, does not requires others to watch, cheer, or participate. Sharing space does not necessarily means sharing tasks. Sometimes it means giving space to others to have the same fun that you have, while you are there, just there.

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