water play

Water Play
Research on liquid interfaces
Key words : Physical prototyping
Skills used: interaction design

Water play is a water-based interface. It allows users to view content displayed on the water surface. The users can engage content through direct interaction with the water. This interface enables users to interact with content using water, just like a touch screen. Users can immerse their hands to the water, swirl, splash, or use other forms of interaction which are unique to the water.

This project, done for the future center of telecom Italia, explores novel ways of interaction. It draws its inspiration from the constant friction between the city’s inhabitance and the water they are surrounded by.

In the design process, my explorations were focusing on the particular qualities of the water and the data type, which match them. Introducing interaction with liquid substance, on three dimensions can enhance some types of information. on the other hand, they might fit less to other types.

My first exploration examined the interaction of historical information composed of visuals names and numbers in the water. I have designed an experience prototype, in which I could play with information placed on maps, through gestures. This experiment led me to peruse types of information that allow the user to play with them, rather then carry the need for accuracy, like the historical figures.

I have proceeded to explore qualities such as depth, surface, movement’s types and possible interaction with “pile of images” placed within water. On the following movies you can observe some of these explorations.

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