At the end of February 09, Microsot™s Business Division President Stephen Elop shared with the attendance of the Wharton Business Technology Conference Office™s labs vision of productivity. Elop™s signature motto was that it is essential for companies to invest in innovation especially during recession as it allows them to develop a competitive advantage that is essential to their survival, and evolution. My friend, Daniel Wigdor, referred me to immortal words of Lisa Simpson: look at the bright side dad, did you know that the Chinese use the same word for crisis as they do for opportunity? Yes , [Homer answers] Crisitunity!

Sure, crisis is a catalyst that forces change, and can be good. Unfortunately, change is a Darwinian mechanism that only benefits those that can overcome the harsh situation and evolve from it. Many of the companies that face this reality these days simply do not have the agility needed to do that. For example, General Motors lost 82 Billon dollars in the last three years, its market worth is only 1.34 Billion dollar. GMâ„¢s ability to survive the current rescission it is limited at best. It is admirable that Microsoft is heavily invested in efforts to map the future, even during these hard times. It is even more remarkable how these efforts are focused on real, viable future. If you see the end of Elopâ„¢s presentation, you would see him unveil the foundations on which these beautiful visions were founded on. it was all just a glimpse away. Watch Stephen Elopâ„¢s speech to see the underlying technologies and trends that will make this vision a reality [Start: 20:38] (Feb. 27, 2009)
Watch Future Vision: Montage (Feb. 27, 2009) (By office Labs)

Design at Microsoft

UK Design Council has recently published a rare look in the design process in large companies across the world. This study looks at Alessi, BSkyB ,BT , LEGO, Microsoft, and many other companies. It also looks at the way these use design to meet different business challenges , manage their design function and what are their tools and techniques. I was lucky to be a part of this effort and to share some of the views we use in Microsoft to make a better user experience .

Windows Live Calendar beta goes live

After many months of hard work I am happy to see Windows Live Calendar goes live today. A modern calendar that looks smart and feels fast. See your schedule online Organize, Get reminders via e-mail, Windows Live Messenger, or text messages sent to your phone and share events with your buddies. Itâ„¢s all there 🙂 It is my pleasure to lead the UX design team on this exciting challenge. Windows Live Calendar